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Additional resources about Umbrel

This page features additional information about Umbrel that can’t be found on the official website. This page is intended to answer your questions about Umbrel.

This page is not an official Umbrel page. In addition, this page only applies to the latest version of Umbrel (currently v0.3.5).

Table of contents

  1. About this guide
    1. Structure
  2. A word of caution

About this guide


  1. Introduction (this page)
  2. Troubleshooting: Issues concerning the primary operations of your Umbrel node.
  3. General FAQ: General questions and further learnings regarding the technology used in Umbrel.

A word of caution

Umbrel is still in beta and should not be considered secure. We do not recommend running it with much money yet to avoid loosing money.

This page is part of Umbrel Labs, a free service extending your Umbrel node.